Experience traditions that have existed for centuries
Enjoy a peaceful evening stroll
Discover a unique landscape with deep history and culture
Learn about ancient landscapes and prehispanic cultures
Revel in the culture of Tequila
Ride the most luxurious and elegant train in Mexico through the majestic agave landscape
Jimador cosechando el agave / Jimador cutting agave for tequila – Antonio MaloMalverde
Calle José Cuervo - Jose Cuervo Street / Mundo Cuervo – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico
Salvador Guzmán
Sitio arqueológico Los Guachimontones, construido por el pueblo de la tradición Teuchitlán / Guachimontones archaeological site built by people of the Teuchitlán tradition – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico
Bailarines actuando mientras la audiencia realiza el catado de diferentes tequilas / Dancers perform while the audience taste tequila – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico
Jose Cuervo Express – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico

Welcome to the Tequila, Jalisco Geotourism MapGuide.

The Tequila Geotourism Program seeks to capture and promote the culture, heritage and ecological diversity of the people and places of the tequila region, through the voices and stories of the people that live here. National Geographic and its partners are working with local organizations, businesses and residents to map the best travel experiences, stories and businesses across the region.

We invite you to recommend historic, cultural and natural landmarks; events, attractions and activities; businesses, artisans and storytellers, as well as local legends that capture the region’s unique character, heritage and beauty.

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