Experience traditions that have existed for centuries
Enjoy a peaceful evening stroll
Discover a unique landscape with deep history and culture
Learn about ancient landscapes and prehispanic cultures
Revel in the culture of Tequila
Ride the most luxurious and elegant train in Mexico through the majestic agave landscape
Jimador cosechando el agave / Jimador cutting agave for tequila – Antonio MaloMalverde
Calle José Cuervo Labastida – CODIT
Campo de Agave y Sierra Madre Occidental – Mundo Cuervo
Sitio arqueológico Los Guachimontones, construido por el pueblo de la tradición Teuchitlán / Guachimontones archaeological site built by people of the Teuchitlán tradition – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico
Bailarines actuando mientras la audiencia realiza el catado de diferentes tequilas / Dancers perform while the audience taste tequila – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico
Jose Cuervo Express – Tequila, Espiritu De Mexico


A sensory journey.

This is an invitation, a journey to a culture through tourism. There is no experience comparable to crossing the agave landscape in Jalisco on the way to Tequila. During the trip, the visitors can admire an inspiring natural setting and enjoy an unforgettable journey towards the spirit of Tequila: an encounter with the tequila culture.

365 days to discover Tequila.

From the soil, its agaves in the field, its harvest, its processing, to the tasting and the bottling. 7 years matured, 50 kilos per agave pineapple, 1 liter of tequila every 7 kilos, 600 tequila aromas and aged in barrels, are some of the 15 variables that make the tequila sophistication and the cultural and sensorial experiences unforgettable.

In 2006, the agave landscape was designated a World Heritage Site within UNESCO’s Cultural Landscape category. The “agave landscape” and the ancient tequila industries are considered world heritage.

The view is centered on the blue agave crop, framed by the Tequila volcano, with native and exhuberant vegetation, where the agave is born, the legendary plant around which developed a village, an industry and a culture.

Currently the term tequila may only be employed by those distilleries that comply with the requirements provided for in the Designation of Origin. In other words, they must be located in the designated territories and comply with the occupational and production process requirements.

Tequila own´s the oldest tequila distillery in the world, La Rojeña. Is also, one of the largest municipalities in the center-north region of the state of Jalisco. It is located 60 km from Guadalajara. Currently, Tequila has almost 40 thousand inhabitants.

Tequila is the town that contains the experience, with cultural centers, hotels, old houses, haciendas and legends since 1530. The “charrería” and “mariachi”, have their own traditions and cultural space. The sensitivity of its people, culture, gastronomy represent an experience of magic. That´s why the locals say "to know Tequila is to know your identity as Mexican."

Tequila and National Geographic are committed to celebrating local culture, enhancing sustainable economic opportunities and promoting conservation. We welcome you to Tequila Tourism and encourage you to view our interactive map, upcoming events and recommendations from the locals to make your stay unforgettable.


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Chocolate Tasting Jose Cuervo
Chocolate Tasting Jose Cuervo

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