Anniversary of the Founding of Tequila

The town of Santiago de Tequila was founded on April 15, 1530 under orders of Franciscan Friar Juan Calero. He brought local indigenous people from the Chiquihuitillo hill.

During the whole week of the foundation date, several cultural activities take place. You'll find a typical village fair, but with the charm and magic of Tequila that makes it so unique in the World.

Shortly after Mexico was independent, March 27, 1824 Tequila was named head of one of the 26 departments in the state of Jalisco. 

In 2003 Tequla received the title of "Magic Town" and in 2006 the Agave Landscape became a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site.


Latitude: 20.884767 Longitude: -103.838759 Elevation: 3904 ft
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Minerva Aguiar

Admission Fee (if any)

Free activities in the Plaza de Tequila.


La mejor fiesta del pueblo

Marina hdez, 3/31/2017

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