Blue Waterfalls

Located a fifteen minute drive from central Tequila, hidden in dense vegetation in the depths of the Barranca de Tequila, is the "Cascada los Azules" a site full of magic and adventure, providing visitors and locals a moment of harmony and peace.

To see the waterfalls, once you arrive, you take a light hike along picturesque narrow paths among banana trees, mangoes, sugar apple, coffee, and a variety of shrubs. In the Canyon you can smell the surrounding vegetation that seduces visitors with its different aromas. Walking down this great natural gorge between birdsongs and a variety of plants, you will cross the "Blue Cascade" with its crystal turquoise waters, a color similar to the agave plants. It is quite a unique experience. The natural area is ideal for adventure sports such as hiking or mountain biking, canyoneering, rappelling, and camping, and equally ideal for just obeserving the flora and fauna and relaxing in this beautiful natural setting.

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Latitude: 20.926306 Longitude: -103.809565 Elevation: 2901 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here

Recreational Opportunities Available

Local professional guide services arrange for rappelling tours down the waterfall.

Seasons Accessible

Best during the dry season from November to June. 

Fees (if any)

Guiding services can be made directly with providers in Tequila. A variety of companies offer excursions  to the waterfalls


una excursión recomendada, una pena que no pudiéramos encontrar con quién hacer un rappel por la cascada pero aún así su visita a pie merece la pena.

calixto, 12/12/2016

Visite este lugar y me encanto, un reto impuesto por la naturaleza para llegar pero vale la pena. Recientemente fui con mi pareja y nos sentimos muy cómodos con los chicos de Tequila Adventure. No tenia idea que existían pero fue oportuno encontrarlos.

Alex, 11/29/2017

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