Cofradía Turístico 360

Hacienda La Cofradia is a hidden gem that will thrill your senses through an experience specially prepared for you. Wrap yourself in the tequila environment with our spirit:

• Home-made tequila.
• "Art on Fire", the ceramics factory where the bottles become art.
• Site Museum of Tequila; a trip to the history of a drink that has surpassed borders
• La Cava; a peculiar cellar among mango trees.

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Latitude: 20.866119 Longitude: -103.829704 Elevation: 4044 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Erika Castañeda

Specialities and Highlights

Because we are more than just tequila ...

Discover fun, culture, gastronomy, relaxation and much more through our 29 experiences.

Some of our unique activities:

• Have you ever harvested ("Jima") agave? Experience the work of a Jimador in the fields of agave, and learn this craft that has transpired over the years.
• Fermentation: an activity where you will learn to monitor and control the musts, a key part in the process of production of tequila.
• Distilling: together with our expert, you will be part of the production process of our tequilas.
• Create your own tequila: be part of the preparation of tequila and experience the process of filtration and oxygenation, and give the last touch before packing your own tequila.
• Design your bottle: in our ceramics factory spark your creativity decorating your own bottle.
• Tour of the senses:  is the only night tour in a distillery, where learning the process of production of tequila is a fun, relaxing; a 100% sensory experience.

Hours Open

Day Tours: Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 18:00 hrs

Night Tours: Monday to Sunday 20:30 hrs

Price Style for this Establishment

Starting at $185.00 pesos.

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