Community Blessing

Every night at 9pm, a blessing of the community is given from the Church of Santiago Apóstol. After the third evening bell all the people in the church square stand up and cross themselves in blessing. This is done every Monday to Saturday night at 9pm. On Sunday we go to church to receive the blessing.

Historically once the first bell was rung at 7pm, all the town's residents where supposed to be "gathered to their homes," where they remain through the second bell at 8pm. After the third bell at 9pm, only "evil spirits" were to be found in the streets, or "bad" people.  Traditionally the towns people believe it is necessary to receive the blessing so that nothing bad will come to pass. 

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Latitude: 20.884386 Longitude: -103.838008 Elevation: 3904 ft
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Minerva Aguiar

Event Dates

1/1/1800 – 1/1/2020

Admission Fee (if any)

Free for all.

Ages Event is Appropriate for

All ages

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