Cuervo World Half Marathon

The Mundo Cuervo International Half Marathon in Tequila, Jalisco takes place in November. In this half marathon competitors come from more than 20 states in Mexico and from and foreign countries.

The Cuervo World Half Marathon has been run for 17 years. It offers the more than 3,000 annual participants an unprecedented route taking them through many local sites and tourism attractions. Tequila Pueblo Mágico y La Hacienda la Rojeña de Mundo Cuervo, guarantee a reward for running  the "agave and tequila route". offering a purse in excess of MX $ 160,000 pesos and other awards. It offers exclusive prizes for local tequilenses too. You can also win a brand new car. Race day ends with a dinner at Hacienda Rojeña.  

Free transportation for participants (subject to availability). Free admission to the classic route. Prices shown below to access all other routes. Registration takes place at the Rojeña Distillery.

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Latitude: 20.885589 Longitude: -103.833373 Elevation: 3896 ft
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Minerva Aguiar

Event Dates

11/19/2017 – 11/19/2017

Admission Fee (if any)

$ 380.00 at registration centers

$ 380.00 + cost Internet service

Foreiners $ 450.00 (registration day)

$ 180.00 Registration Mundo Cuervo employees (subject to availability)

$ 180.00 Registration of local tequilenses (subject to availability)


What date is the next half Marathon in Trequia Mexico

Denise, 4/26/2017

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