Cultural Center Juan Beckmann Gallardo

It is the cultural space referring to the cultural heritage of Jalisco and the cultures of the West of Mexico.


• Be a cultural reference both in Mexico and abroad. Show and spread the cultural heritage of Jalisco.
• Promote the culture and art of Mexico in general.
• Remain receptive to cultural manifestations of other nations.
• Encourage a broad program of other cultural activities: concerts, lectures, book presentations, special courses, workshops, etc.
• Serve as a center for creative learning and interpretation.
• Educate and inform properly.


Manuel Felguérez
Mexican Landscape

Artists of Jalisco:

José María Estrada
Gerardo Murillo
Jesus "Chucho" Reyes Ferreira
José Clemente Orozco
Roberto Montenegro
Alberto Garduño
Carlos Orozco Romero
Maria Izquierdo
Lola Álvarez Bravo
Jorge González Camarena
Jesus Guerrero Galván
Raúl Anguiano
Manuel González Serrano
Juan Soriano

Prehispanic Mascaras - 1760 pieces.

Strategic alliances will be made with other Cultural Institutions.

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Latitude: 20.88599 Longitude: -103.841299 Elevation: 3904 ft
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