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The Project starts with the idea of creating a concept to support women and children suffering from violence, giving them the opportunity to discover their abilities, to develop in a healthier environment to foster self-confidence.

Profits from this store are dedicated to create workshops and occupational therapy sessions, with the purpose of building skills that allow them to stand for themselves and get a dignified job to make a living.

In these workshops, they learn sensory development so they may feel through their senses and know they can have a better life quality:

Development of Smell – Creation of aromatic candles:
Through the scents, they can receive calming therapy and fight depression.

Development of Sight – Painting Workshop:
They will be able to change their mood through colors.

Development of Touch – Massage therapy with local stones, like obsidian:
Through touch with people, they will learn how a hug can give the feeling of calm by stimulating endorphins.

Development of Taste – Making of cookies and snacks:
They learn to develop their palate and receive stimulation through pleasant tastes.

Development of Hearing – Music therapy:
Music is a pain reliever and a means that can instill different sensations in us, such as peace and happiness.

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Jewelry is traditional "filigrana" jewelry - State of Oaxaca.

Dolls and necklaces are handmade exclusively for this boutique in Paris.


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I love the necklaces with the women on them! Is there anywhere to order them online? Judy, 4/14/2017

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