Located in the municipality of Teuchitlán is an archaeological site known as "The Guachimontones". In the interpretation center, the exhibition reflects a culture that inhabited the Valleys region more than 2000 years ago. This is considered to be of utmost importance in pre-Columbian history of Mesoamerica. The concentric circles architecture "Guachimontón" is unique in the world, placing the Jalisco architectural legacy within a level of national and international importance.

The area protected by national and international laws covers 90 hectares. The public usually visits the heart of this main site where in 19 hectares you can find 10 circular buildings, two footbll fields, housing units and terraced fields. Discovered in the 70s, it has become an area of ​​importance for the state, who still is conducting research to provide more details and solve many puzzles.

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Latitude: 20.694911 Longitude: -103.836092 Elevation: 4489 ft
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Guachimontones Teuchitlán

Hours and Seasons Open

Tuesday to Sunday from 9-17 hrs.

Visitor Fees (if any)

General Admission: $ 30.00

Students and teachers with credentials: $ 15.00

Under 12 years old children, the elderly and disabled: FREE ENTRY

Tuesdays: all public FREE ENTRY

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