Hiking in Tequila

We invite you to hike around the Tequila region and experience the beautiful scenery and culture of the place. 

There are different routes to plan your hiking excursions..

One option is to visit the historic Cerro del Chiquihuitillo, an extraordinary place where the first inhabitants settled in the region; this route is for experienced hikers because you need to climb throguh the moderately strenuous Tequila Canyon trails. 

Another route can lead to a drop of water in the bottom of the canyon. This hidden place is called Los Azules (The Blues) and is a cascade of crystal clear water surrounded by nature, which is accessible only on foot. On this tour you will enjoy the seasonal fruit trees growing in the canyon.

Al routs have sections where you kike through the agave fields.

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Latitude: 20.932644 Longitude: -103.793376 Elevation: 2048 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Municipio de Tequila Jalisco

Recreational Opportunities Available

You can practice wet rappelling at the Los Azules waterfalls.

You can find local food to buy along the hiking trails.

You can also visit the tequila factories.

Hours Open

It is recommended that you take the tours during morning hours as the afternoons can get quite hot under the strong tropical sun.

Admission Fee (if any)

From $ 250mxn per person.

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