José Cuervo Express

Ride the most luxurious and elegant train Mexico. Cross the agave landscape and dive into the Mexican culture that embraces our tequila Jose Cuervo aboard the Express. This is the only train that goes to the Town of Tequila.

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Latitude: 20.887622 Longitude: -103.844824
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Carlos Vázquez

Recreational Opportunities Available

Choose from our three cars:

Experience Express: Wagon with wood interior, ample seating and a dreamt bar with all the glamor of yesteryear. To enjoy the trip, we offer the best service on board.

Premium experience: Select a space in our dining car or wagon Lounge, both with large tables and comfortable seating for four people, which will allow you a pleasant tasting of the food that is served.

Premium Plus Experience: Experience the most exclusive luxury cars in Jose Cuervo Express. Feel the glamor in their designs, decorated seats, wagons covered with wooden panels, and ample tables  for four people in the Club Bar car, The are artistic details of the embossed ceiling, mirrors, wood and leather bar. You can reserve special spaces for two, four or lounges; all equipped with a bar and waiters dressed in customs used in the past.

Hours Open

Departures on Saturdays at 10:00 am. returning at 8:00 pm.

Admission Fee (if any)

Experience Express: $ 1,700 MX

Premium experience: $ 1.900 MX

Experience Premium Plus: $ 2.100 MX

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