Jose Cuervo Fields Experience

A private visit to discover the tequila way of life: jimadores, bake-house workers and tequila blenders. Traditions, delicacies for the palate, and delights for the eyes.

You will live an experience in the fields; the story of the origin of the agave fields, in the slopes of the Volcano Tequila. An expert "Jimador" (harvest man) will share with you the techniques of cultivating and harvesting the agave. You will continue the trip going to the brick ovens where the agave pineapples are cooked. You will end your tour visiting the Reserva de la Familia cellar and tasting our mythical Reserva de la Familia unique tequila.


• A visit to the agave fields with an expert jimador.
• Guided tour of La Rojeña®, the flagship distillery of Cuervo®.
• Guided tour of the Reserva de la Familia® cellar, with tasting straight from the barrel.
• Professional tasting in the expert tequila tasting rooms.
• Guided tour of the Los Limoneros garden.
• At the end of your tour enjoy Mexican snacks.

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Latitude: 20.884579 Longitude: -103.840017 Elevation: 3906 ft
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Carlos Vázquez

Hours Open

Saturday to Sunday:
11:00, 13:00, 15:00 hrs.
English Tour
11:00, 15:00 hrs.
Duration 3 hrs.

Admission Fee (if any)

$ 880

*All prices are in Mexican pesos. This rate does not apply for public holidays or vacation season. Subject to availability.

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