Jose Cuervo Labastida Street

Jose Cuervo Labastida Street has become a cultural and recreational space for both visitors and locals. It has a beautiful view to the Temple of Santiago Apostle.

Walking through the street gives you a sense of the historical town of Tequila. You will find the City Hall, the old distillery that was originally used by the founding Cuervo family in the production of Tequila.

You can visit the contemporary compound of Mundo Cuervo, which was designed to fit into the historic context of Tequila. The compound includes a performing arts center, shops, restaurants, sculpture garden, restored historic buildings and small museums.

It ends on an ancient religious center in honor of the Holy Cross. Jose Cuervo Labastida Street is a "must see" on your visit to Tequila.


Latitude: 20.886384 Longitude: -103.842623 Elevation: 3916 ft
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Carlos Vázquez


Si está como se aprecia en las fotos,es un lugar digno de visitar.

Ing. Bonfil , 3/4/2016

Esta bien chido

Eduardo, 4/1/2017

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