Lemon Trees Garden

A spectacular outdoor esplanade, the gardens are perfect to hold an event under the stars, or can be equipped with awnings for a cocktail party or dinner. A perfect location between the Gazebo and the Hacienda el Centenario®, surrounded by artworks by Sergio Bustamante and Leonora Carrington, makes the gardens ideal for hosting high-class events.

Capacity: 100 – 500

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Latitude: 20.884187 Longitude: -103.84125 Elevation: 3911 ft
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Carlos Vázquez

Recreational Opportunities Available

You can find more than 125 varieties of plants around the garden. It has an arena with seating capacity for 250 people. The hacienda has capacity for holding 1,000 people at any given time.


Un maravilló lugar

Alex , 3/31/2017

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