Mayahuel is the Goddess of the Agave. Ancient local legend says she was a beautiful woman who lived with her grandmother, a tzintimitl (star trying to prevent the sun from rising ). Once, Quetzalcoatl convinced her to come down to earth and turned into the branches of a tree so they could love each other. But when his grandmother awoke and saw Mayahuel was gone, he called other tzitzimime to go down to earth to help find his granddaughter.

In the ensuing fight Quetzalcoatl was saved, but Mayahuel was devoured by the other tzintimitl, Quetzalcoatl collected the remains of his beloved and buried her. It is said that from there the first agave plant was born and gave the Mexicas men a reason to live.

A rainstorm swept over some agave fields and several lightbolts hit the agave plants, burning them for several hours from the stalk to the heart of the plant, which caused the cooking of starches, and pouring honey. This aroma attracted indigenous people and once tasted, they considered it a divine gift of Mayahuel. From then on they worshiped her, and began to use this drink in their rituals.

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Latitude: 20.882408 Longitude: -103.836362 Elevation: 3920 ft
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Minerva Aguiar

What not to miss

Visit the sculpture in honor of Mayahuel.

Best times to visit

365 days.

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