Montecarlo Seafood & Grill

The restaurant Montecarlo Seafood & Grill was founded by Mr. J . Santos Navarro in May 1982, in Jalisco Teuchitlán. Today it has become a culinary tradition for Teuchitlán. It has a capacity for 800 guests in 5 different terraces. Our visitors have the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments, to witness spectacular sunsets, making your stay a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Latitude: 20.677269 Longitude: -103.84127 Elevation: 4173 ft
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Dante Nuñez

Specialities and Highlights

Our specialty is seafood, but we have other dishes based on chicken, beef, and vegetarian.

Outstanding dishes:

• Frog legs (buffeted, Veracruz wing, garlic sauce, etc.)
• Mazatlan Shrimp (shrimp stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon, on a bed of rice served with vegetables)
• Coconut Shrimp (carousel shredded coconut shrimp wrapped melon balls on a mango coulis with an axis of rice).
• Fillet of sea bass Veracruz. (julienne red pepper, tomato, onion and olives).
• Molcajete seafood (octopus, shrimp, surimi, hunted molten brown sugar sauce, cactus and hot chili güero pestle on a wooden base);

• Snapper shaken (whole fish marinated with special house sauce, and grilled over charcoal, served with rice and vegetables).

. Chicken

. Flank steak.


Hours Open

Our schedule. From 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year.

Price Style for this Establishment

Our prices range from Mx. $ 75 one tilapia fillet dish,  to $ 730 for seafood dish for 6 people.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Our facilities are designed to preservation the environment.

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