Opals from Mexico

Just a few kilometers from downtown Tequila, you'll learn the process of extraction and processing of this semi-precious stone. At this facility you will get to know different varieties of opal, technical characteristics, colors and shapes, and the various applications on jewelry, decoration and other uses.

Mexico is one of the leading producers of Opal worldwide and in this region you can find opencast mines, walk in them and participate with local artisans in the extraction of this material. You can then take it to the workshop to transform yourself into a piece of jewlery.

Not only will you enjoy learning about this gem, but enjoy a tour in the mine, surrounded by nature. You will travel by car along a country road, and walk a short trail to the mining site.

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Latitude: 20.908682 Longitude: -103.961089 Elevation: 4598 ft
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Municipio de Tequila Jalisco

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

This tourism experience supports groups of artisans to continue their traditional of crafting the opal.

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