Papel de Agave Fibraz

We are a family craft business dedicated to transforming bagasse (waste from the milling of the agave to make tequila) into paper and other organic products. Our manufacturing facility is located in  the town of Tequila. Here we cook the bagasse and have digestors and racks and tubs of water to prepare the  transformation of the pulp into sheets that we later dry. Our main product is paper, but we also manufacture photo frames, lamp shades, vases, etc. On request we can print business cards, invitations to events, etc.

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Latitude: 20.881579 Longitude: -103.840004 Elevation: 3924 ft
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Norma Macias

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

We only employ local people. We recylcle the waste produced in the destillaries that process the agave to get the tequila spirit.


Felicidades por su trabajoes excelente !

ma esther Hernández, 8/2/2017

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