"El hornero de carga"

The work identifies Tequila when you get to the town is a fountain made by the sculptor Carlos Terres. It has become an icon of our beautiful Magic Town, which speaks of the elaboration process of the famous drink that gives birth to the name of the town.

The sculpture, made of bornze, represents volcanic rock from the regional landscape, blue agave plants, and the "Hornero" who is the person responsible for cutting in halves the agave pineapples and put them in the oven for cooking and start the process of making tequila.

At its base it carries the typical sentence of tequilenses: "Love, friendship and joy distill my land."

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Latitude: 20.8818 Longitude: -103.832515 Elevation: 3917 ft
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Municipio de Tequila Jalisco

What not to miss

A photo at the bottom of the sculpture.

Best times to visit

All year round.

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