Sculpture of Saint Toribio Romo

Called the "Holy of the Undocumented" Santo Toribio Romo, a Mexican martyr who was killed in the Cristero War. In September 1927 he was asked to be incharge of  the parish of Tequila, Jalisco. This was not an easy mission, because it was one of the places where civil and military authorities most persecuted priests.

Father Toribio Romo was not intimidated and spotted an old tequila factory in the Agua Caliente ranch in Canyon Tequila, which he used as a refuge and place for Mass. He himself felt that there would be his inevitable death, and said: "Tequila, you will give me my burial site and I will give you my heart."

Father Toribio offered his blood for the peace of the Church, and the Lord accepted the offer: on Ash Wednesday, February 22, Father Toribio asked Father Roman (his brother) to give him the sacramental confession and and give him a long blessing; before leaving he handed a letter with the order not to open it without express order. He spent Thursday and Friday taking care of parish affairs not to leave any todos. At 4 am on Saturday 25 he finished writing notes, he leaned back in his bed and fell asleep.

Suddenly a troop of federal soldiers and agriculturalists, alerted by an informer, besieged the place, jumped the fences and one shouts: "This is the priest, kill him!"  The shouting woke the father who replied frightened: "Yes I am... but don´t  kill me" ... They did not let him say no more and shot him. With blood dripping hesitant steps and headed toward the door of the room, but a new discharge him down. His sister Mary took him in his arms and shouted in his ear: "Courage, Father Toribio ... merciful Jesus, receive him in Heaven. Live Christ the King!"

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Latitude: 20.883985 Longitude: -103.838588 Elevation: 3909 ft
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Municipio de Tequila Jalisco

What not to miss

Get to know part of his relics in the Temple of St. James. The sculpture is located right at the door of this place.

Best times to visit

From 22 to 25 February.

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