Stone Spheres

Located in the Sierra de Ameca, it is believed that these impressive natural stones were formed over 40 million years ago when volcanic ash crystallized. This is an excellent location for long walks through lush forests. Some stones are half-buried. There are only three places in the world where you can find crystalized ash such as what you can see here. This is a very unique place to visit.

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Latitude: 20.631329 Longitude: -103.998168 Elevation: 6411 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Municipio de Tequila Jalisco

Recreational Opportunities Available

Visit the Ahualulco crafts market.

Fees (if any)

You can hire local guide services.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

We work with school groups, trying to enhance the local culture and support environmental protection.

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Pamela Orozco - Guía Especializado en la Cultura de los Valles
(386) 106 0450
(386) 752 2445
Jose María Mercado #15
Ahualulco del Mercad, JAL 46730 MX
Leobardo Padilla - Coa Experiencias Naturales
El Arenal, JAL 45350 MX
Salvador Villalobos - Guía de turistas
33 33619523
Teuchitlán, JAL MX


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