The Laundries

Built by order of President Cipriano Rosales in 1918, so that people would not have to go to the river and contaminate the water used to make tequila in the town's factories. 83 laundry sinks were enough for the entire population at the time. As the population grew, there was a need to take turns to use the washing places so times and days were divided among neighborhoods.

The "lavadores" became an important place for the towns people to socialize. Women would look forward to their designated day to not only wash the family clothes to learn about current events and general news. In 1999 they were collapsing from the continual vibrations from the large trucks going to the Tequila factories. They were in disrepair and were about to be torn down. Thanks to the Secretary of Tourism sponsored program "Magic Towns", they were rescued and restored to become a place of recreation for residents and visitors.

Take a nigh time visit to see if  the countless stories told about the "spirits" of "lavadoras" from the past that still appear at the site are true.

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Latitude: 20.880035 Longitude: -103.845862 Elevation: 3959 ft
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Minerva Aguiar

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

The site has been rescued, rebuilt and adapted to facilitate the presence of visitors.

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