About the Region

Tequila is a rich, biologically diverse destination surrounded by the Cerro Azul (Blue Hill) and the magnificent agave landscape. Just an hour northwest of Guadalajara, you'll find vast mountain ranges and the Tequila Volcano in the Valley of Tequila, a region many Mexicans consider the pride of Mexico.

Here you'll come across the agave plant, recognized as part of the national identity and known for its sweet qualities and vital economic impact in the State of Jalisco. Tequila's streets are aligned with traditional artisan distilleries and historic churches, while nearby municipalities produce some of the most impressive opal crystals nationwide. The breathtaking agave landscape is a part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site, and the area includes archaeological ruins of the Teuchitlan cultures that date back to the sixteenth century. Geotourism is thriving in the Tequila region, as the fertile Rio Grande River meets with mountains that extend all the way into the US.

The National Geographic Tequila Geotourism Program seeks to incorporate and promote the culture, heritage, and eco-friendly diversity of the people and places of this region, all through the voices and stories of local people who live here. Visiting Tequila and these historical sites while taking advantage the Geotourism Program will provide an authentic and sustainable experience of Jalisco's history and vibrant culture.

This website provides tourists with the information needed to plan a trip with Tequila's major attractions and activities provided and most respected by local Tequila businesses. Our local voices will allow the visitor a unique experience while supporting the economic growth and social wellbeing of the Tequila community. After all, the best advice comes from the people who live here!

Buying locally made products and services, eating at local restaurants, and visiting the historic sites will help achieve sustainable efforts. Our experts have made it easy for you to plan your trip with hand-picked points of interest as well as a festivals and events page. Explore the site by reading about the opportunities to discover the Tequila culture, plan your Tequila tour with the interactive guide and don't forget to explore opportunities on how to get involved with the Tequila community!

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Latitude: 21.002923 Longitude: -103.812774 Elevation: 5010 ft